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How Spammers are Abusing Twitter’s t.co URL Shortener

URL shorteners such as bit.ly, goo.gl, and t.co have long been used by spammers. They provide an unlimited source of different URLs which can be used in emails to disguise the final landing page. The major companies providing this service all have anti-abuse filters in place to attempt to control this sort of malicious activity. […]

Glide video messaging app continues to generate high levels of SMS spam complaints

Earlier this year we were seeing a number of reports of SMS spam related to Glide.me, which is a mobile video messaging app. Tried video texting? http://i.glide.me/join Ready for Glide? http://i.glide.me/join Seen Glide? http://i.glide.me/join Tried video texting? http://i.glide.me/join Glide.me has had a history of spam, including where they admitted that they were spamming and would […]

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