Can ED pills prevent Swine Flu?

The folks at Canadian Pharmacy are using the current swine flu scare to drive traffic to their website(s). Starting Monday, April 27th, we’ve seen a ramp-up in subject lines about swine flu. Some samples: Subject: British Airways steward does not have swine flu Subject: First US swine flu victims! Subject: Madonna caught swine flu! Subject: […]

Has your machine gone phishing?

Several weeks ago, multiple exploits were discovered in a webmail product called RoundCube. A couple of PHP modules within that product were unsafe and allowed the execution of arbitrary code on the server. Although fixes for these vulnerabilities were included in a security update on December 16th, there are apparently a lot of unpatched RoundCube […]

“Let’s be careful out there”

Websense is reporting that 70 of Alexa’s Top 100 sites have been seen either directly hosting, or providing redirects to, ‘malicious sites’. Put another way, more than 77% of the sites Websense detected as hosting malicious content were sites with ‘good’ reputations. While specifics of the definition of malicious aren’t given, they do point out […]

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