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Facebook users may be able to relax a little – the Facebook/malware messages that we reported yesterday are starting to morph to other social networking sites. Starting around 10AM Pacific time today, Cloudmark started to see the subject of those messages change to “Myspace Password Reset Confirmation”. Aside from changing “Facebook” to “Myspace” throughout the […]


The last three days have seen a sharp uptick in social engineering, as one or more of the malware distributors are, once again, playing on the popularity of Facebook to convince people to open their email. Emails with the subject “Facebook Password Reset Confirmation” have been flooding inboxes over the last few days, enticing people […]

Why Network Level Protection is Better than Device Patches for Vulnerabilities like the Charlie Miller iPhone SMS Vulnerability

The recently announced SMS vulnerability discovered by Charlie Miller that affects Apple iPhone, Palm Pre, Windows Mobile and Google Android devices highlights the importance of network level protections for the mobile network. The vulnerability, which can enable an attacker to gain full access of a device by sending specially coded SMS messages to the device, […]

Black Hat, day 1

First day at Black Hat, and aside from it being very hot here, the show is going very well. There is a lot of chatter regarding the practical implications of an MD2 preimage attack as well as how several white-hat hackers were compromised in the past week. There is also the typical chattering of the […]

Mobile spam: a problem for all

So far, it is apparent that the growth of mobile usage and individual’s reliance on their mobile device has been rapidly increasing over the years. Companies are excited about this growth since it opens up unlimited possibilities for mobile marketing and advertising. But what happens to those opportunities when mobile users start to receive spam […]

Can ED pills prevent Swine Flu?

The folks at Canadian Pharmacy are using the current swine flu scare to drive traffic to their website(s). Starting Monday, April 27th, we’ve seen a ramp-up in subject lines about swine flu. Some samples: Subject: British Airways steward does not have swine flu Subject: First US swine flu victims! Subject: Madonna caught swine flu! Subject: […]

Blocked Email Part 1: “Why me?”

Everyone’s had it happen. You forward a joke to a friend or coworker, email a possible new vendor requesting a quote, or send out your daily/weekly/monthly newsletter and, a short time later, you get back that dreaded notification: “Subject: Undelivered Mail Returned to Sender”. Your first reaction is probably indignation. “I’m not a spammer,” you […]

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