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DANE and Email Security

The forthcoming Cloudmark Security Platform for Email 5.2 will include support for DNS-Based Authentication of Named Entities (DANE), a new protocol that enables increased security for email communications. In this article we’ll look at how DANE works, how it can contribute to a more secure email environment, and how it is starting to gain acceptance. […]

Vault 7 Has Few Surprises

This week WikiLeaks published a collection of internal documents from the CIA describing some of their hacking and surveillance tools. The press release that accompanied this was full of hyperbole, and some of that was picked up by the initial press coverage, so just to set the record straight: The CIA can only bug your […]

Ransomware By The Numbers

Last year, we saw a strong increase in ransomware attacks. These attacks proved to be a money maker for many cybercriminals, offering a simple business model that targeted end users, enterprises, cloud services, and databases, exploiting a lack of data backups for hefty bitcoin payouts. In fact, 51 percent of ransomware attacks result in the victim […]

Email Address Usage on the Dark Web

Last week, Anonymous compromised and took down Freedom Hosting II, the largest hosting service for Dark Web sites, and published the contents of the internal databases for those websites. Many of these databases contained email addresses forum users etc. We extracted the email addresses and took a look to see how users of the Dark […]

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