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Category Archives: Viruses

Android SMS Spambot Update – SpamSoldier

Yesterday we told you about an Android trojan used to send SMS spam. Currently, the versions of this malware being distributed by the spammer are: angrybirds.apk MD5 = a0e7a47c6b3582f9c9a4c5166eb0eace gtavicecity.apk MD5 = a8de900d9ff269455f4344b8e8409699 needforspeed.apk MD5  = c18bc53d74e8a6926453a8c86355501a The Command and Control server has moved to, though is still functional for the handsets infected […]

Another Botnet Takedown: Coreflood Bites the Dust!

Quickly following the Rustock Botnet takedown (see “Will Microsoft’s Takedown of Rustock Drive Spammers Outside the United States?”), the Department of Justice and the FBI, again in coordination with Microsoft, have taken the Coreflood Botnet offline.  Coreflood, a trojan able to conduct massive Denial of Service attacks, also steals sensitive information from an infected computer.  […]

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