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Category Archives: SMS / Texting

Vodafone New Zealand supports 7726 to report SMS spam

A recent article from New Zealand indicates that Vodafone New Zealand also encourages their users to report SMS spam to 7726 (S-P-A-M). (See: “Vodafone says if a customer does receive spam they should forward the message to 7726…” Vodafone also lets you know how to report your complaint to the  New Zealand government’s Department of […]

Mobile Messaging Senders Need to Play by the Rules Too

Cloudmark provides spam and abuse filtering for email, text messaging and social networking traffic.  So in addition to encouraging email senders to follow good email sending guidelines, we also want text message senders to follow good text message sending guidelines. Over on tatango, which is an SMS Marketing Blog, they have a good write up […]

Chinese authorities tighten controls as levels of SMS spam increase

As reported yesterday by Xixhuanet, China’s Supreme People’s Court and the Supreme People’s Procuratorate have announced new measures to tighten up on SMS spam. Anyone found illegally sending more than 5,000 fraudulent text messages will be prosecuted for fraud and suffer much harsher penalties. In March four men were jailed by Beijiing Xicheng District People’s […]

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