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Category Archives: Internet Service Providers

DKIM Helps and Hurts Google, YouTube and SalesForce

Google has been using DKIM to improve trust in mail it sends from several of its properties for some time now. Mail from Google staffers ( and, from YouTube (, from Google Groups ( and from Gmail users ( is always signed by DKIM using those respective domains as the signer. This means we […]

Highlights from IETF 82 in Taipei

The Internet Engineering Task Force met in Taipei in mid-November. Cloudmark was in attendance, working to advance several things through the IETF processes, including a new working group that will produce protocols and advice documents relevant to reputation services (see my previous posts about DKIM and domain reputation); creation of a working group seeking advancement […]

Can Legal Action Stop Cybercrime?

The Brookings Institute this week released a policy paper postulating the use of legal action to stop the spread of cybercrime. The author, Wired Magazine’s Noah Shachtman, speculates that new pressure from the US government on businesses to report data breaches combined with additional requirements for ISPs to be accountable for the things that happen […]

The value of domain names and email

The Internet Engineering Task Force (IETF) met last month in Prague.  Among the dozens of working groups striving to produce standards and guidelines to make the Internet work better, there is one called DKIM, or DomainKeys Identified Mail.  They’ve been working for several years to produce new email standards that can be added invisibly to […]

Back to Basics – email deliverability

While there are many methods by which email messages can be blocked (for example, DNSbl listings can results in IP addresses being refused connections, subject lines could match previously seen spam, or URLs or email addresses in the body might trigger a receiver’s content filters), there is one main reason that filters to the top […]

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