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Category Archives: Data Breaches

RSA: JitJea (Just In Time, Just Enough Administration)

In his keynote speech at the RSA conference, Scott Charney, Corporate Vice President for Microsoft’s Trustworthy Computing Group, spoke about the need for not giving too much power to system administrators. He suggested the solution was to implement JitJea: Just In Time, Just Enough Administration. That means giving your sysadmins just the access that they […]

2015 Security Predictions

2014 has seen some interesting developments in computer security and the lack thereof: the growth of encryption based ransomware, the exposure of several highly sophisticated state sponsored cyber espionage malware packages, the takedown of the Silk Road drug sales website (twice), a series of massive credit card breaches from major retail chains in the US, […]

Can Legal Action Stop Cybercrime?

The Brookings Institute this week released a policy paper postulating the use of legal action to stop the spread of cybercrime. The author, Wired Magazine’s Noah Shachtman, speculates that new pressure from the US government on businesses to report data breaches combined with additional requirements for ISPs to be accountable for the things that happen […]

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