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An Appreciation of Spam

This week is SPAM™ Appreciation Week in the UK. Of course, they’re celebrating the canned meat that helped win World War II, but I thought I’d take the opportunity to come up with reasons to appreciate the other kind of spam. 1) Spam makes you feel wanted Everyone hates the empty feeling in their gut […]

“Let’s be careful out there”

Websense is reporting that 70 of Alexa’s Top 100 sites have been seen either directly hosting, or providing redirects to, ‘malicious sites’. Put another way, more than 77% of the sites Websense detected as hosting malicious content were sites with ‘good’ reputations. While specifics of the definition of malicious aren’t given, they do point out […]

Managing SMS expectations

AT&T Wireless is coming under fire for sending a message to their subscribers reminding them to watch the season premiere of American Idol. AT&T’s spokesman has defended the campaign, pointing out that the messages were free, only sent to AT&T subscribers (with whom AT&T has an ongoing business relationship), and gave recipients a way to […]


Welcome to Cloudmark’s blog. Cloudmark is the leading provider of messaging security in the fixed-line, mobile operator and social networking provider marketplaces. With over 100 ISPs deployed around the globe and a network of over 850 million mailboxes protected by our technology, Cloudmark has established itself as the leading provider of scalable, high performance, technology […]

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