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If you leave it, they will come

We’ve posted a number of times here about URL shorteners (2010-03-31, 2014-08-06, 2014-02-13) and how they are abused by spammers. Today, we came across a URL shortener site using the seemingly popular YOURLs package hosted on a short domain belonging to a large global entity that we can only guess was setup sometime ago by […]

Fries, Waffles and Spam

Think of Belgium and what comes to mind? Fries, waffles, beer? Maybe even the Manneken Pis. What you might not think of is spammy domain names. A couple of weeks ago, the Internet pharmacy verification site LegitScript released a report detailing how the domain registrar was helping to support the rogue online pharmacy trade […]

Shorten this Spam

Terry Zink posted an article recently talking about an announcement by Twitter earlier in the month and the actions they are taking to further protect their users against phishing attacks;  they state: By routing all links submitted to Twitter through this new service, we can detect, intercept, and prevent the spread of bad links across […]

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