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RSA: The TLD Explosion

One of Thursday’s RSA sessions discussed the sudden rise of thousands of new top level domains (TLDs) and some unexplored areas that are now subject to abuse that weren’t before. Chris Larson and Daniel Hardman, researchers at Blue Coat, presented some background and findings. With only a few domains available, most notably .com, there was […]

RSA: Key 2016 Trends in Malware

One of Tuesday’s RSA sessions discussed cyber-crime trends for 2016. Sophos’ Global Head of Security Research James Lyne investigated the level of sophistication among current cyber-criminals and discovered the following: Some of them have a high degree of “professionalism” On a site he found selling credit cards and other personal identity information on the Dark […]

Spear Phishing: The Secret Weapon Behind the Worst Cyber Attacks

To users, spear phishing emails may seem like innocent requests for information or other forms of benign contact, potentially appearing to even come from a person or company a user is friendly or familiar with. But for attackers, spear phishing emails are most often the best way to get the keys to the kingdom. Most […]

LifeLock Launches New Spam Campaign

Cloudmark recently noticed that ‬LifeLock, a company that purports to protect its customers from identity theft, had launched a new‭ ‬spam‭ ‬email campaign directing recipients to their website to sign up for these services.‭ On Wednesday, the FTC ordered them to pay $100 million for misleading consumers. ‬The emails violate the CAN-SPAM Act in several ways. For one, […]

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