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How to Report Text Message Spam: Samsung Galaxy S5 (TouchWiz)

Plagued with annoying spam texts on your Samsung device? Report them to the GSMA spam reporting service! On most networks this can be done by forwarding them to 7726 (that’s S-P-A-M on your phone’s keypad.) Reporting these spam messages helps your mobile operator to take action against spammers and prevent further spam.

Please note: while many mobile carriers around the world are moving to the 7726 short code as a standard way to report text message spam, some countries may use a different short code such as in France where the code is 33700.  If you don’t get the expected response from 7726, then check with your mobile carrier for the best way to send in spam reports.

In this post we’ll focus on showing you how to forward spam to 7726 on an Samsung device such as the Galaxy S5 using Samsung’s default TouchWiz interface.

Other tutorials on reporting SMS spam to 7726:
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iPhone iOS7
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Verizon Messages (Verizon’s Messaging app).

How to Report Spam on a Samsung Galaxy S5 (or any TouchWiz)

1. First make a note of the phone number the spam text came from. You’ll need it later.

2. Press and hold on the spam text to bring up the menu. Select Forward from the options.

3. Enter 7726 in the field at the top and send the message.

4. In response, you should receive a reply from your carrier asking for the phone number used to send the spam.

5. Finally, reply to the carrier’s message with the spammer’s phone number (noted in step 1.)

4 thoughts on “How to Report Text Message Spam: Samsung Galaxy S5 (TouchWiz)”

  1. Great article and guide! Actually i didn’t know that i could report spam on my android device!

    I knew that you on iPhone could block numbers so they cant send you messages or call you. Is it also possible to do that function on Android?

    Could be nice if i could block my one night stands ;-)))!!

  2. I’m getting spam texts that appear to be just a download with no text (obviously malicious) but when I try to forward them the menu only shows the following options:

    Message Options:



    View Message details

    There does not appear to be a way to forward this message to the 7726 number and I would really like to.

    Any ideas?

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