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How to report Text Message Spam on an iPhone

When you get a spam SMS message you should forward it to 7726 (that’s S-P-A-M on your phone keypad).  This reports the spam message to your mobile carrier so that they can take action against the spammer.

Note: This blog post has been superseded by this updated post on how to report iPhone spam with iOS7:

Many mobile carriers around the world are moving to the 7726 short code as a standard way to report text message spam, although in some countries they use a different short code, such as in France where the code is 33700.  If you don’t get the expected response from 7726, then check with your mobile carrier for the best way to send in spam reports.

Today we’ll show you how to forward the spam to 7726 on an iPhone.  Over the next few days we’ll show you how to do it on an Android phone and also how to do it using Verizon Messages (Verizon’s Messaging app) which has a convenient “Report Spam” button.

How to Report Spam on an iPhone

1. First make a note of the phone number the spam text came from. You’ll need it later.


2. Now open the message and tap on the Edit button


3. Select the spam message by tapping on the radio button next to the message.


4. Forward the selected message by tapping the Forward button.


5. Then Enter 7726 in the To: field and tap Send to report the spam message. 



6. In a few seconds you should get a reply from your carrier asking for the sending number of the spam.  The one below is from T-Mobile:


7. Now enter the spammer’s number (that you made a note of in step 1 above) in the Text Message section, and then tap Send.  This will let the carrier know who sent the spam to you so that they can take action against the spammer.

And look out for our upcoming posts on how to report a text spam from your Android and how to report spam using Verizon Messages which is available for Android on the Google Play Store ( )

One thought on “How to report Text Message Spam on an iPhone”

  1. If it is iPhone5 then you will instead press-and-hold the message until the “Copy/More” menu to appear then select “More” then the “Right arrow” key at the bottom right of the screen to forward the message to 7726

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