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Boy Scouts using the Positive Power of Text Messaging

Cloudmark’s drive to equip users with the power to report messages they didn’t sign up for (using the 7726 (S-P-A-M) GSMA service) and protect mobile users from spammy text messages,  means that we spend a lot of time thinking about the negative content that gets sent by spammers.

So it’s nice to be reminded that text messages have a lot of power to be used for good.

I love this story from tatango’s SMS marketing blog.  The Boy Scout National Jamboree allowed parents and scouts to sign up for text message updates.  They then used text messaging to keep in touch and send updates.  They sent the scouts messages like: “As u head back, stay with the group or at least a buddy. Remember to go left at the asphalt road and head back.”

They were also able to let parents know that a tornado that touched down in DC, hadn’t impacted the Jamboree and that everyone was ok, minutes after the tornado passed through.

It’s a really nice example of the positive power of  text messaging.  You can check out the full story here:

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