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Can ED pills prevent Swine Flu?

The folks at Canadian Pharmacy are using the current swine flu scare to drive traffic to their website(s). Starting Monday, April 27th, we’ve seen a ramp-up in subject lines about swine flu. Some samples:

Subject: British Airways steward does not have swine flu
Subject: First US swine flu victims!
Subject: Madonna caught swine flu!
Subject: NY victims of swine flu
Subject: Salma Hayek caught swine flu!
Subject: Swine flu in Hollywood!
Subject: Swine flu in USA
Subject: Swine flu worldwide!
Subject: US swine flu fears
Subject: US swine flu statistics
Subject: Will swine flu attack USA?
Subject: World gov’ts race to contain swine flu outbreak

Swine Flu Spam

All of the myriad links eventually lead back to the standard Canadian Pharmacy website which, at the time of this writing, has not been updated to promote any flu-related medications.

Canadian Pharmacy webpage

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